Solicitors financial advice

Solicitors financial advice

Professional Advisers and Financial Advice

Legal advice often gives rise to the need for independent financial advice but solicitors authorisation from the SRA entitles them to only provide legal advice. Consequently, most legal firms refer clients to an appropriately qualified independent adviser working within a recognised financial advice firm that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In addition, accountants recognise that using the services of a financial services business complements their own services and although some larger firms have diversified in to financial services themselves, most prefer to refer clients to an appropriately qualified independent financial adviser because FCA regulated businesses require robust management systems and controls in their own right.

Dartington Wealth Management is a member of SIFA (Solicitors Independent Financial Advice) which is endorsed by the Law Society and we have a long history of working with other professional advisers, not just solicitors. We understand that we can achieve more for clients financial, tax and legal affairs by working together on their behalf.

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