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Financial planning help can help you achieve your financial goals and there’s one thing for sure – if you don’t plan it’s the same as planning to fail.


Financial Planning Cambridge.

These 6 steps are used by all Certified Financial Planners as an effective method of reaching client goals.

Establishing a relationship and determining your goals

This is your chance to get to know your financial planner, and their chance to understand you. This stage is important in building trust because achieving a good relationship is key to the process being successful.

Gathering your financial details

The next stage is to start to understand your specific financial circumstances, needs and objectives. Your financial planner will also try to gauge your risk tolerance, capacity for loss and your knowledge and experience of investing. This is important in determining which financial products or services are suitable for you.

Analysing the information gathered

Your planner will then analyse the information collected about you, weigh up the options available to help you achieve your objectives and identify suitable products and services. You also will gain a better understanding of what it will cost to achieve your goals and over what timeframe you might be able to do so.

Designing your financial plan

This is where the planning really begins. Taking into account the information collected and the analysis that will have been carried out, your planner will discuss your options, your investment strategy, the costs and any others things which might be important to you.

Implementing the plan

Once you have discussed the options and solutions proposed in your plan, including understanding the risks, costs and timeframe involved, you can then instruct your financial planner to implement those plans which may involve setting up certain products and or applying for specific services.

Monitoring the plan and reviewing your situation

Life and your plans change. Therefore, it is important to regularly review your plans and your arrangements to monitor things like investment performance and continued suitability. Financial planning advice is most effective when you regularly review. It is important to continue to understand whether the initial advice is still working for you and keep your financial planner updated on your financial circumstances. Equally, regulations, taxes and legislation changes just as your circumstances do. If new laws come in to force that may affect your financial plan, these need to be taken into account and your arrangements may need to be tweaked to accommodate these and keep you on track.

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In a nutshell…

The financial planning process is designed to help you achieve and afford the things you most want from life, for yourself and your family. Whilst you may save money in the short term by avoiding financial planning, it could be very costly in the long term if you make the wrong decisions or buy unsuitable products. Financial planner’s knowledge, expertise and experience is something worth investing in – after all, it’s about investing in yourself at the end of the day.

What people say about us:

I have always been very satisfied with the advice and service I receive from them.

- Jennifer Hoyos

My adviser Chris Galpin is very good at explaining how our investments and pensions work, and he is always available should we need advice.

- Annie Roberts

We used the services of the Chris Galpin and I cannot rate his helpfulness, knowledge or patience highly enough. He very efficiently soughted out the best mortgage for us and then got on with the application process with the minimal amount of fuss. Nothing was too much trouble and I will be using him in the future.

- Fiona Gilbert

All our dealings to date have been excellent, they have listened to our requirements made suitable suggestions and implemented them in a friendly and professional manner.

- Michael Dearman

I have had honest advice and when my husband died they did all the necessary paper work for me very swiftlly and did not charge. A friendly professional firm who quickly understand your needs – no hard sell – your protection paramount.

- Patricia Revel

I get a good personal service from an experienced and thoughtful person whom I have known for 30+ years, and trust. That’s very valuable to me even when we don’t entirely agree on priorities! He also advises me on things I need to get around to doing, and I usually follow his advice.

- Penny Henderson

I have been with Dartington since before they were Dartington, and the level of service has continued at the same high standard.

- Adrian Moxon

They were recommended to me and I have already recommended them to others. They are good at explaining things in a way I understand.

- Sheila Thomas

Never had any problems. Friendly consultancies.

- Roger Stratford

I trust my adviser.

- Jon Daly

The financial adviser I have dealings with has been excellent over the years.

- Janet Huskinson

My experience has been very good, especially the personal help from Philip Bowden-Pickstock.

- Christine Jolly

I was very happy with the service that Dartington provided with respect to our new mortgage and I have already recommended them to a friend.

- Dr Michael Gifford

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