Our Service & Fees

Good advice pays for itself. Trying to avoid paying fees for advice can be a false economy, and could end up costing you thousands in the long-run.

Good advice pays for itself

A report into the value of financial advice has found that those seeking help from an IFA were better off by an average of £40,000 compared to their unadvised peers. The findings from the International Longevity Centre think-tank show that the benefits of advice applied to both the ‘affluent but advised’ and the ‘just getting by but advised’.

Affluent advised customers upped their liquid assets by over £12,000 (17%) and pension wealth by £31,000 (16%) compared to those who didn’t get advice. Less wealthy clients still had an uplift of nearly £40,000 from taking advice, with an additional £14,000 in liquid assets and £26,000 in pension wealth.

Advice also led to greater savings and equity investment levels among both groups and over 90% were found to be happy with the advice they received. The report concludes that trust and financial capability were the two biggest drivers of seeking advice.

Simple, Competitive and Transparent pricing, feel free to download a copy our Client Agreement and information about our ongoing service below.

You can also use the calculator below to enter the amount you want to invest and see what our fees will be.

Simple, Competitive, and Transparent pricing

We are committed to providing you with simple, competitive and transparent pricing. Therefore, simply enter the amount you wish to invest below and our fees calculator will tell you what the maximum initial fee will be and what the maximum ongoing fee for our services will be.

There are third party fees for the investment platform (the custodian) used to hold and manage your portfolio, and the investment fund charges. Because we only use the most competitive platforms the combined cost of the platform and funds using ‘passive’ or ‘index-trackers’ will normally be less than 0.25% or where we recommend the use of ‘actively managed’ funds, normally less than 0.75% p.a. 

How we do it
Stages Of The Process
Complete A Rish Tolerance
We will ask you to complete a risk tolerance and capacity for loss questionnaire, an online fact-find and provide you with a copy of our client agreement that explains how we work and the cost of our services. We will then discuss and explore your personal circumstances, your aims and objectives. We can do this face to face, over the telephone or using an online video consultation.
Undertaking The Necessary Research
Stage two involves us undertaking the necessary research to identify the most suitable and appropriate investment solutions, including which tax-wrappers we can use to help satisfy your needs and achieve your objectives tax-efficiently and with the lowest possible costs.
Preparing Detailed Report
Stage three involves us preparing a detailed report and recommendations outlining the solutions we are proposing. This will summarise your objectives, the investment recommendation, proposed asset allocation, risk tolerance and details of the platform(s) and investment funds, as well as all the fees and charges involved so that you are fully informed to be able to make a decision.
Setting Everything For You
Once you have agreed with and accepted our recommendation we will set everything up for you. This involves helping you to complete the necessary paperwork to set up your investment and pension accounts. We will set everything up so that you have 24/7 secure online access for maximum transparency and minimum cost.

The fees quoted above using our fee calculator are indicative. Financial intermediation is exempt from VAT. However, VAT will be charged where applicable if no financial intermediation takes place.

Clients can read our full terms and conditions within our client agreement that is available to download from this website.

The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back their initial investment. This information is based on our fees and charges as at April 2022 and may change from time to time. In the event that there are any additional fees, our adviser will confirm that prior to you proceeding with any recommendations.