Our Service & Fees

Our Service & Fees

Our Service & Fees

If we’re honest, most people do not have the time, expertise, or the necessary objectivity to review their own financial arrangements and circumstances to make the right decisions.


Therefore, “one off” or “transactional” advice is often not sufficient. Ongoing reviews are important so your financial plans remains on track and your short, medium and long term goals and objectives have the best chance of being achieved.


A report into the value of financial advice has found that those seeking help from an IFA were better off by an average of £40,000 compared to their unadvised peers.


The findings from the International Longevity Centre think-tank show that the benefits of advice applied to both the ‘affluent but advised’ and the ‘just getting by but advised’.


Affluent advised customers upped their liquid assets by over £12,000 (17%) and pension wealth by £31,000 (16%) compared to those who didn’t get advice. Less wealthy clients still had an uplift of nearly £40,000 from taking advice, with an additional £14,000 in liquid assets and £26,000 in pension wealth.


The study analysed individual and household asset data from across Great Britain between 2001 and 2007, and how this compared with the period between 2012 and 14.


Advice also led to greater savings and equity investment levels among both groups and over 90 per cent were found to be happy with the advice they received. The report concludes that trust and financial capability were the two biggest drivers of seeking advice.


With regard to our fees, we favour an ‘Ad Valorem’ (percentage based) fee model for our investment clients.  Therefore, the more money you have invested with us, the higher our fee is likely to be.  However, we are not greedy and so the percentage we charge reduces the more you have invested.  Further, in the majority of cases our clients enjoy the benefit of no ‘transaction’ charges and no ‘portfolio’ charges which means what you pay us is an all inclusive charge.


The only other charges you’re likely to pay are the chosen third party investment platform or product charges and the charge of the selected funds (if applicable).  Our objective is to keep the total cost of ownership as low as possible so your money works harder for you.


We are also happy to work on an hourly fee or fixed fee basis for certain services and or ‘one-off’ transactions, for example arranging your mortgage.


We want to be as transparent as we can so we’ve tried to make our Client Agreement and fee schedules as simple as possible and easy for you to understand.  Apologies if it is a little bit long but we have made an effort to cover everything in it.




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